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Hi.......    Marg and Dave and alpacas, dog, cat, chooks, mice....................

We breed alpacas, having been in the industry for 15years.  Curently we have 13 alpacas, the majority of which are huacaya.   We have a mixture of colours, including rose grey, and a multicoloured grey.  Our first rose grey female threw her own rose grey baby.......... isn't she clever!  We lived in Kilcoy for many years, but 2 years ago, moved to Stockleigh , Qld .  When we moved, we sold quite a few of your alpacas, because, although we have more acerage here, we also have a very large dam and an orchard with about 200 lime trees.  The property also had quite a bit of lantana, but that's been cleared now, and in the next couple of years, with good conditions, there should be much better grazing for the pacas.  

I (Marg) make  felt .......  hats, bags, pictures, biros, soap..........    anything - you name it.    I  card the wool using a drum carder, and make felt using mainly alpaca fleece, but also incorporate sheeps wool, mohair, silk, soy fibre, again.....   anything on hand.    Apart from felt making, I love embroidery, spinning, weaving........   virtually any textile and paper crafts.   Recently I have been working with Merino Country , a clothing manufacturer situated near the Logan Hyperdome.  They make all sorts of clothing items including bras, undies, active wear and vests etc from superfine merino knit fabric which is made (by machine) and dyed in Melbourne.   The wool is Australian merino.   I have been playing with offcuts and have been making scarves and bags, and about to make some necklaces/accessories.    Check out the photos in the "Recycled" page. 

I now has 3 spinning wheels including two electric ones, one was recently given to me by my friend Marg Hoyes.  It has a jumbo flyer and singer sewing machine motor, and is a real pearl.   The other is a Roberta from Ertoel.  From time to time I have either spinning wheels , drum carders , or looms for sale.  There's another loom in the mix now.  Hebe was given to me because she was on her way to the dump.   She'd been rescued by Amanda from Threadalicious, but was in desperate need of repair.   All the heddles were completely rusted to bits, and the shafts were very rusty.   All the rope ties had disintegrated.    A couple of weeks later, she's completely restored thanks to Dave who sanded and oiled all the timber, and I purchased texsolv heddles.   She just needs a bit of fine tuning to get the length of ties correct so that she is easy to use. 

 Check out the pages........  we have animals for sale sometimes, including entire males, wethers, and older and younger girls.  Most of our animals are registered with the Australian Alpaca Association.     I am happy to take orders for felt pictures, bags, hats or whatever you may choose or supply fleece........   carded, dyed, spun.  Please ask if you have any questions regarding the animals or the felt or other products that I make.   I have a large supply of fleece on hand, both alpaca and sheeps wool and can dye it (hopefully to colours required!)

I have a limited supply of Mohair and most of that was from my older goat Charlie, who has gone to live with friends now.       

 You can check out our blog which was was created several years ago.   It has more pictures of the animals specially those born and the older females and other craft that Marg does.  

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Last updated November 2017